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Aletheia McCaskill

for Delegate, 44B District
Commitment - Experience - Leadership

 Building  a better district for a better tomorrow

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Please join our team.  Volunteers are one of the most important resources of Aletheia having a successful campaign.  

Community Concerns

Your concerns are important to us all because it impacts the community.  Share what you're thinking.  Let's connect!


July 17, 2021

Aletheia officially announces her candidacy

It was a sweltering day! But that did not stop the many supporters from coming or Aletheia from taking the leap into her commitment as a leader in this state.  The event took place at the Woodlawn Memorial Park under tents and misting fans.  Fatima was the MC, Kevin offered prayer and Aletheia stood before the crowd and social media making her allegiance to the 44th district of Maryland to not leave it a "Dream Deferred".   She officially put her bid in at the Board of Elections in Annapolis the following week.  She knows it won't be easy in this perhaps 3-legged race (considering redistricting).  But she has her bootstraps buckled tight and is off to the races!

July 17, 2021

Candidate receives her first endorsement!
SEIU, Local 500 announces their endorsement of member and leader, Aletheia McCaskill in her race for the House of Delegates in District 44B! President Pia Morrison of Local 500 raves that, "Aletheia is the fighter that working families need in Annapolis. It's my honor to announce that SEIU Local 500 has wholeheartedly endorsed Aletheia for Delegate in District 44B." 

September 01, 2021

Aletheia will run on a slate!
She has proudly accepted the invitation to run on the slate headed by Senator Charles Sydnor.  Stay tuned!


December 09, 2021, Washington, DC

Aletheia heads to Capitol Hill

As Congress struggles to pass the BUILD BACK BETTER ACT, Aletheia, along will a few other caretakers and small business owners, testified in front of the Democratic Women's Caucus Roundtable in support of the bill and to stress the urgency of the Build Back Better Act with provisions for childcare, the climate, immigration, affordable healthcare, & widespread employment.  After testifying, she marched across the lawn to support GRANDMAS UNITE!

Opening Day!
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