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"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember.  We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools and transportation, give back to our seniors, protect our youth and make economic development a top priority. With more than a decade of advocacy, building relationships & government experience, I know what it takes to listen and move diligently to find solutions and navigate the complicated governmental agencies to help bring back resources.  Although I have specific local platforms, I will support other broader issues like health care-including mental health, the environment, criminal reform, infrastructure, better housing opportunities, and public safety."
Economic Development

Reviving the community's ecosystem that we all are part of is her commitment to our neighborhoods.  There must be improvements made for a more robust community.  Making neighborhoods more successful by rebuilding, supporting current business owners & attracting long-term businesses is a start.  Sustaining livable wages is a part of the plan so every person can afford basic needs and beyond.  Decent, affordable housing to help ease the homelessness and allow families to stabilize.  She supports efforts to make not just our district but surrounding areas as well, a sustainable place to live, work and play where all our needs are met right here at home.

There is no question that our neighborhoods lack proper transportation to get around town.  The increased dangers and inconvenience due to the lack of commuting resources in this area has been on the minds of many.  We need a robust yet affordable, public transit, paratransit, credentialed ride-sharing, non-emergency medical transportation, volunteer programs regardless of income, age, disability.  She will work harder of making this a reality, while exploring the possibility of making this district a connection hub for work and play. 
Education and Childcare

Aletheia supports and will introduce legislation that will ensure every child, regardless of their background or cognitive abilities receives quality public education while engaging families along the way.  Her activism for better excess to high-quality childcare with a more qualified workforce continues today.  She supports legislation to revive the Childcare industry by preserving jobs and helping families afford the service. One way is by delivering Pre-K Expansion using a mixed delivery system.  She is conscious of the inequity of funding for our local schools.  She is an advocate for the allocation of equitable disbursements of all available resources.  

Youth and Senior Services

Seniors have given a lifetime to our neighborhoods. Now it's time to give back. Aletheia will continue to fight for tax policies that allow seniors to retire in their homes they spent their lives paying for; continue to support senior services and expand opportunities within the Department of Aging.  She understands the importance of developing well-rounded youth. Youth bring a refreshing perspective on society. We need to include their charisma and support them as they develop their roles in leadership, innovation and other skills. Part of Aletheia's vision is to develop and expand youth services such as youth employment, mentorships, recreational services and leadership opportunities so that they can help advance us in technology, education, politics and world relations.

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